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Ajimobi Left Oyo In A Better Condition, Better Position To Progress – Tinubu

Published by on December 18th, 2019.


All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has praised former Oyo governor, Abiola Ajimobi for building a modern on his 70th birthday.

The APC national leader stated this in a statement issued by office to celebrate Senator Ajimobi on his birthday this week.

The statement below:

Being text of All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s remarks at the colloquium to celebrate the 70th birthday of former Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi. In a speech sent to the colloquium titled: “Managing the dynamics of Nigeria’s advancement: The socio-economic perspectives,” the former Lagos State governor says Ajimobi left Oyo in a better condition and better position to progress.

We are gathered here to celebrate the arrival of Senator Abiola Ajimobi in the Septuagenarian Club. I congratulate Senator Ajimobi, the first two-term governor of this state, for how he has lived his life and for the things he has achieved thus far during his walk on earth.

“Ajimobi recorded historic achievements during his time at the helm of Oyo State. He left the state in both a better condition and in a better position to continue to progress than where he found it. He was the right man at the right time for Oyo. The people and the state are fortunate to have had him lead them for those eight years.

Senator Ajimobi elevated the state through his urban renewal programmes. Constructing many kilometers of roads, he changed the face of Oyo State for the better. He served his state and fatherland with honesty and diligence. When the story of the full assessment of his tenure is written, history will be kind to him.

“Against this backdrop, today’s event offers an opportunity to reflect on our national journey so far, hence the theme-Managing the Dynamics of Nigeria’s Advancement: The Socio-economic Perspectives.
We must reflect on our past and present in order to proffer suggestions for a better tomorrow. Let’s undertake this assessment free with a clear mind and an objective eye. This is not an exercise to embark on unless we seek the truth. Where we have recorded progress, we must be thankful for that progress but not over inflate its import.

“Likewise, where we have stumbled, we must be candid enough to admit our imperfections. Let us not blame this thing or that. Let us be honest with ourselves that we may improve ourselves. We must ask ourselves the hard questions and not be afraid that these questions may not be amenable to easy answers.

“In my view, some of these questions should include the followings:

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• Are we all on the same journey of nationhood?
•Do we have common dreams and aspirations as a nation?
• Are we agreed on the methodologies with which to accomplish those dreams and visions?
•Can we advance true federalism and downplay over centralization of power for the betterment of Nigeria?
• Can we manage ethnic, religious and partisan differences so that they serve Nigeria?
•Will we be able to construct a diverse and multidimensional economy where crude oil is but one of development’s pillars?
“We must permanently resolve the Nigerian dilemma. We are a nation of diverse peoples and thus cannot continue to depend on but one major source for government revenues and foreign reserves. In the end, our economy must be as diverse as the people it supports. We cannot continue to be great in our dependence but weak in our diversity.

The onus is on us, as progressive politicians, to come together and address our existential challenges. It is our collective answers to these questions that will determine our advancement, determine where and how far we go as a Federal Republic.

“In pondering these questions, we must examine the initiatives and accomplishments made by this government the last four and a half years. They will help us plot the way forward and keep us from drifting backward. In line with its three-pronged vision to confront insurgency, battle corruption and improve on the economy, there are some identifiable milestones. Let me mention a few of them here.

•Government’s business is no longer business as usual. The Treasury Single Account has ensured tight handling of government’s finances by Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
•Corruption is being fought as a serious war that it is. The battle continues to expose the price of the corrupt man while highlighting the value of the honest man.
•Serious attention is being paid to commercial agriculture and its value-chain to reduce our heavy dependence on oil.

*Infrastructure like the railway system is being developed and re-developed to aid movement of goods and people across our cities.
*The war against terror is being fought like never before. Though the insurgents may not have been completely rebuffed they are in permanent decline. Here, our are hearts go out to the four aid workers just lost.

•And talking about common purpose and aspiration, our Executive and the Legislature now work more harmoniously to deliver for our people.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, this is in no way saying the listed accomplishments, the vision and other initiatives of the Buhari government have solved all the problems. There is more to do. The economy grows but it must grow faster. We farm but we must farm better. We fight terrorism but must fight harder, we build but we must build more. We plan but must do so more wisely. We dream but must dream more clearly.

“My vision remains the transformation of this nation into a robust decentralized democracy with a diverse industrial base that can provide sufficient jobs to a growing urban population; and into a nation with a sufficient agricultural base to achieve food security and provide a decent livelihood to the rural population.

“What I seek is a better Nigeria. Our quest for advancement must promote unity and greater understanding among all Nigerians through improvement of common institutions, through eliminating poverty and through elevating the living standards of our people through improvement of our infrastructure, of our industrial base, our agricultural sectors, better housing, and jobs for all our people as well as improved social care for the vulnerable among us.

“In that we are all Nigerians it then behoves on us to be Nigerians united together in one great national purpose.”

Office of National Leader of APC, Tunde Rahman

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