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[GIST] Lx9jahit Xclussive Interview with the famous Nollywood Actress Blessing Lovina Peter
By on March 17th, 2020. Entertainment

[3/13, 8:27 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: This is the segment of xclussive Interview on LX9jahit.

My name is Fidelee, your baddest, intercontinental host,publicist, media personality, music enthusiast and critic.
I will be your interviewer this evening.
Welcome LX9jahit once again.

Could you please formally introduce yourself?

[3/14, 4:53 PM] Lovina (Actress): my name is Blessing Lovina Peter
Nollywood actress

[3/14, 5:10 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay

[3/14, 6:31 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Could you tell us how you came into acting?

[3/14, 6:34 PM] Lovina (Actress): Yes
[3/14, 6:34 PM] Lovina (Actress): I join acting group

[3/14, 6:37 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Have you produced your own movie? How long did it take to do so?

[3/14, 6:39 PM] Lovina (Actress): Well have not done any movie of my own
[3/14, 6:40 PM] Lovina (Actress): Still working on it

[3/14, 6:41 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/14, 6:41 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Who are your role models in the movie industry?

[3/14, 6:57 PM] Lovina (Actress): Bukunmi oluwafasina

[3/14, 6:57 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/14, 6:58 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What’s the title of the movie that brought you into the limelight?

[3/14, 6:59 PM] Lovina (Actress): Oja

[3/14, 7:01 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Could you tell us what inspired the movie?

[3/14, 7:03 PM] Lovina (Actress): Well parents should take care of there children
[3/14, 7:04 PM] Lovina (Actress): Tho matter the situation

[3/14, 7:04 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/14, 7:05 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: How much could you say was spent on the production?

[3/14, 7:06 PM] Lovina (Actress): 300k

[3/14, 7:07 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Was this your first challenging movie?

[3/14, 7:09 PM] Lovina (Actress): No

[3/14, 7:09 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What then was your first challenging movie?

[3/16, 7:41 PM] Lovina (Actress): The first time I acted with Don Richard

[3/16, 7:44 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Can we have the title please?

[3/16, 7:45 PM] Lovina (Actress): Jagun

[3/16, 7:46 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/16, 7:48 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What would you say acting has added to your life?

[3/16, 7:51 PM] Lovina (Actress): Acting added many things to my life
[3/16, 7:52 PM] Lovina (Actress): I learned more things every day

[3/16, 7:53 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/16, 7:54 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: But is there one, that is most precious to you?

[3/16, 7:58 PM] Lovina (Actress): Yes

[3/16, 7:58 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Please tell us

[3/16, 7:59 PM] Lovina (Actress): The most thing is am always happy whenever am acting [3/16, 8:00 PM] Lovina (Actress): I just feel like this were I belong

[3/16, 8:00 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: That’s great

[3/16, 8:00 PM] Lovina (Actress): Thanks

[3/16, 8:01 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Do you have any regrets being an actress?

[3/16, 8:01 PM] Lovina (Actress): No
[3/16, 8:01 PM] Lovina (Actress): Not really

[3/16, 8:01 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Alright [3/16, 8:01 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What is the craziest role you’ve ever played?

[3/16, 8:08 PM] Lovina (Actress): Mad person role

[3/16, 8:08 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Wow….interesting
[3/16, 8:08 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What movie was that?

[3/16, 8:09 PM] Lovina (Actress): The problem of our land

[3/16, 8:09 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/16, 8:09 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What is your philosophy on life?

[3/16, 8:20 PM] Lovina (Actress): My believe is very soon I will be know all over the world

[3/16, 8:21 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Do you think women are lucky/fortunate in this part of the world?

[3/16, 8:21 PM] Lovina (Actress): Through acting. [3/16, 8:22 PM] Lovina (Actress): Yes

[3/16, 8:24 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Have you ever been heart broken?

[3/16, 8:25 PM] Lovina (Actress): Hmmmmm

[3/16, 8:25 PM] Lovina (Actress): Yes

[3/16, 8:26 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Could you talk about it, briefly?

[3/16, 8:27 PM] Lovina (Actress): Seriously I don’t want to talk about it now

[3/16, 8:28 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Okay
[3/16, 8:29 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Could you date a married man for money?

[3/16, 8:30 PM] Lovina (Actress): No

[3/16, 8:31 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Any reason for this?

[3/16, 8:33 PM] Lovina (Actress): Because material things don’t freak me
[3/16, 8:33 PM] Lovina (Actress): Not even money

[3/16, 8:34 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Interesting
[3/16, 8:34 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: If acting were a crime, would you stop acting?

[3/16, 8:37 PM] Lovina (Actress): No
[3/16, 8:38 PM] Lovina (Actress): My love for acting is beyond that

[3/16, 8:39 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: So you wouldn’t mind going to jail?

[3/16, 8:40 PM] Lovina (Actress): Yes

[3/16, 8:45 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Describe yourself in four sentences

[3/16, 8:50 PM] Lovina (Actress): Am easy going person
[3/16, 8:50 PM] Lovina (Actress): Humble person
[3/16, 8:51 PM] Lovina (Actress): Hard working girl
[3/16, 8:53 PM] Lovina (Actress): God fearing

[3/16, 8:54 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What project are you working on, presently?

[3/16, 8:55 PM] Lovina (Actress): Aniki eleja oru

[3/16, 8:56 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Would you act nude for #20million?

[3/16, 8:57 PM] Lovina (Actress): No

[3/16, 9:00 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: What part of your body keeps men attracted to you?

[3/16, 9:02 PM] Lovina (Actress): I don’t even know tooo

[3/16, 9:03 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: You should be able to figure out

[3/16, 9:03 PM] Lovina (Actress): Everything
[3/16, 9:03 PM] Lovina (Actress): Every part

[3/16, 9:04 PM] FID£L££ Inc.: Thanks a lot for your time

[3/16, 9:04 PM] Lovina (Actress): Uwc sir

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